"Network Location Cannot be Reached" when accessing shares

You may experience some of the following symptoms on the Windows Server 2003 computer:

1. On this server you are unable to access shares on other computers.

2. On other computers you are unable to access shares on this server. You may receive this error:

The network location cannot be Reached. For information about network troubleshooting see Windows Help.

3. If you run IPCONFIG it shows "Netbios over Tcpip" as disabled. However in the Network card properties GUI the "Netbios over Tcpip" option is displayed as Enabled.

4. If you run NetDIAG on this server you see messages like the following:

Redir and Browser test . . . . . . : Failed
List of transports currently bound to the Redir
[FATAL] Unable to retrieve transport list from Redir.

5. If it is a Domain Controller DCDiag shows many tests failings with Win32 Error code 1231. For example:

An net use or LsaPolicy operation failed with error 1231
Win32 Error 1231.

6. If it is a WINS server when you try to open the WINS console the error "Cannot find the WINS server" appears.


This may occur when registry entries for NetBT were corrupted incorrect or missing. Normally this issue occurs if the system has been compromised.


1. Run Registry Editor (regedit.exe) and check the following registry key:


2. Please find if the "TransportBindName" value exists. If either of them does not exist create it. If either one is incorrect change the data. The values should be like this:

Name: TransportBindName
Value: Device

3. Under the same registry key if you find the "SMBDeviceEnabled" value exists and is 0 it means Direct Hosting is disabled. You may change it to 1 to turn on it unless there are requirements that this should be disabled.

Name: SMBDeviceEnabled
Value: 1

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